Ok so we all have our own opinions as to what we think of Isiah as a coach and GM, and should he have been granted an extension or not last year (by the way how long was that extension for?) but lets just say if he wasn't granted and extension who would be your pick to replace him?


1. John Thompson
Pros: no nonesense kinda of coach, ability to relate to players,winer, and has had sucess in coaching some of the games greatest big men namely Patrick Ewing!

Cons: No NBA coaching expeirience, hasn't coached in 6 years, rumors of him being Biased towards black players (Knick image is taken enough of a beating for us not to have to question if David Lee's minutes taken a dip is racially motivated)

2. Jeff Van Gundy
Pros: A Knick fan favorite, took the team the Finals, can handle the New York media, Defensive minded approach, flat out knows how to coach

Cons: Defensive minded philosophy may not work with this offensive minded bunch, the teams he won with in NY were veteren teams this team most resembles the squad he struggled to make into a contender in Houston. Could he and Steph coexist?

3. Herb Williams
Pros: A former Knick, would probablly bring Ewing back as an assistant, knows the team. Coached by Pat Riley and Van Gundy and would apply their coaching styles

Cons: Does he have that level of respect from the team needed to make it work? Team didn't fare too well when he took over the squad after Lenny Wilkens departure, not seemingly a vocal leader.


Walt Clyde Frazier: a intelletual both on and off the court, a legendary Knick who would for sure have the support of the Knick fans

Greg Anthony: Not a Knick legend, but a former player who flat out knows the game. Knock on him is he openly admitted he would have passed on Balkman, but no doubt has the know how to orchestrate the type of moves to make this team a winner again

Allan Houston: I'll say it again I loved what Allan Houston did for us when he played, another Knick legend with an clean as a whistle past that would make these past alligations against the team and management disappear upon arrival.....But I just don't see him as a GM.

These are my opinions I hope they don't make anyone too mad, as that was not my objective! So please give me yours