Lee also showed a new dimension to his game, repeatedly driving the ball at defenders and drawing fouls. He went 8 for 9 from the free-throw line, both team highs.

Every Season David Lee adds some new athletic talent to his performance to make this Knick Team a better team.

There is not one good reason why David Lee is not the Knicks Starting PF.

Zach Randolph is good and everything but he is not the complimentary co-existing player as David Lee.
It is not hard to see where Balkman & Chandler get their hard hustle around the ball from when you watch their Teammate David Lee in action. Whom they ran some great impressive scrimmage games throughout this offseason (Collins, Nate, Nicholes, Chandler, Balkman, Q.Rich, Lee, and Morris). It was so impressive that even Marbury & Crawford had to show up at a couple of scrimmage games and get down with the young players.

When you mention Lee, Balkman, and Q.Rich, you are talking about the Knicks best three co-existing chemistry players together in the frontcourt.

So when you add Curry with "David Lee & Q.Richardson" you have explosiveness.
When you add Zach with "David Lee & Q.Richardson" you add another explosiveness.
When you add Balkman with "David Lee & Q.Richardson" you add a small lineup that is running an explosive fastbreak 70% of the time.
Q.Richardson has showed to be the Leadership Player in the starting 5 lineup and David Lee has accepted that early last season when they started together.