Curry leads the NBA in offensive fouls by 13 (68)
Zach Randolph came in 3rd with 47...nice combo

Curry was top 7 in Lost Ball Turnovers;56. Randolph cranked the top 10 with 54. Dwight Howard was number one, by far with 86.

Crawford is the King of Palming; with 9.

King of 3-Seconds violation? No other than Chubby with 34.

I guess a little more turnovers won't hurt, right?
The above with Curry & Zach Defensive efforts is something that Knick-Fans all this offseason been rejecting to read or hear about. Yet they expect Chemistry from Curry & Zach.
As if Chemistry has nothing to do with Turnovers and defense.

Curry & Zach get an A+ on their offensive scoring when their turnovers are down. But their Turnover average alongside their defensive efforts is a Big "F" for Failure.

Having both Curry & Zach on the team is a good thing if you play them together gradually throughout their first season together.
But to throw both of them out to the WOLVES together at the start of the regular season with all the "Running" BIGMEN scorers in the league the Knicks are doomed on frontcourt defense.

And depending on 30 MPG from Marbury & Crawford whom like to shoot 12 shots per game but cant because the offense will be going mainly to Curry & Zach when all four are on the court together to gain a "so-call" chemistry without any defense say we are walking on a thin line.