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    I just got a few quick questions for you Metro. We all know you hate Curry, and you love your stupid little pictures (despite the fact hes not fat anymore... Go ahead and put Randolphs face on those pics). And you continuely bash a guy who actually is one of the hardest workers on the team. I'm not going to argue that he doesn't turn the ball over, because he does. And he obviously has to work on the defensive side, but never once heard you discuss the positives he brings to the team. Scoring in the post, spreads the floor for the rest of the team, has gotten into good shape, and hes still young. So now to some of my questions.

    Who on this team has a great playoff resume?

    You mention that Curry hasn't done anything in the playoffs, but who other then Malik Rose has. Your boy Marbury has been in the long twice as long as Curry and hasn't won a single playoff series. And before you make your arguement that Marbury was on bad teams, what good team was Curry on?

    Did I read your website wrong or all 90% of the other players on top 10 lists allstar caliber players?

    Curry is never going to be a low turnover guy. Big time post players get offense fouls called on them. Its a fact. Especially with Curry's size he is going to get a few bad calls against him because it looks like hes mandhandling the guy. Plus guys who get the ball down low get double teamed so occasionally there going to turn it over.

    Is Curry ever going to get traded?

    Ill answer that for you. No so get the **** over it and either support him or even better just don't post the same garbage about him come up with some new points.

    Does Curry still have room to grow and the time to do it?

    Curry didn't go to College so hes still young. And without that seasoning in college he was behind the 8 ball as far as devolpment. He's improved nearly every season so is it that far fetched hell improve his passing and defense.

    I have plenty of more questions but i got to work to do. Plus no matter what say youll never open your mind to atleast giving curry a chance.
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