Did the Knicks get something done about both ends of the Peremeter this offseason? YES!
In June they aquired Zach (offense), Fred Jones (defense), Rookie Chandler & Nicholes (they play both well offense & defense).

Did Isiah do something to help Curry this Offseason? Yes!
aquiring 6.11 Randolph Morris, and 6.9 Zach Randolph. The growth of young players Lee & Balkman improvement will give Curry a better lift this season.

What has been done about the Knicks backcourt this Offseason? nothing.
Still have Zeke Favorite PET Players "Marbury & Crawford" getting all the playingtime.

Preseason coaching should do something about lowering the 18 turnovers a game, and oponents 87 FGA per game.