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    Originally Posted by brooklyn_baller
    I rather have trevor Ariza to be #1 because ever since he was traded to the Magic, he has been a big impact to them. The only thing that I agree with is that he was traded to the Magic because if he was still in on the Knicks then I dont think he would have should the NBa what he can really do on the court. When he was up here Isiah put shackles on him. But it wold still be great if he was a impact on the Knicks.
    He hasnt made a big impact. Hes had some nice games and some really nice dunks but he aint get the minutes he shouldve last year cuz of grant hill. This year is Arizas chance but hes gonna have to play shooting guard cuz of rashard lewis. I dont know if hes developed a jumper, i'd hope so if i was a magic fan cuz they need points from the 2 spot.

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    Originally Posted by George M.
    Si Pendejo.I love Balkmania.However,when is this guy gonna develop a mid range J or a perimeter J for that matter? How about some legitimate post game or a higher FT%???? He needs to aquire some,if not all of these skills so that he can start and then some of our "overpaid" vets can be traded away for draft picks and such.
    How dare you slay Balkman's name.

    A post game? Balkman is built like Jesus Christ. He doesn't need a post game or perimeter offense to be the MOST EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT PLAYER on the Knicks.

    Curious George needs to watch more Knick games and be blessed by Balkman's presence on the court; how he dictates the tempo, runs the fastbreak, and bitch slap heads on defense, forcing turnovers and all kinds of havoc on the court. Don't ever cross Balkman again.

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