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    Default Allan Houston's Optimistic words of the Knicks

    "I've seen practice, seen how hard they've worked, so I was defending these guys," Houston said. "Because nobody saw what I saw about how much they didn't like to lose and how much they really wanted to win."

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    Good article. This just shows you...there are many things that you don't see or know during these camps. So when you downgrade a player (other than Jerome James fat behind), you are downgrading a player with blind eyes. And the only insight we truly have is through the media who is always biased. And sadly that has rubbed off on so many of us. Good article.
    Stay Tuned.....

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    Nyk Logo Houston & D-Nicholes

    In a Knick scrimmage game with Allan Houston, Nicholes, and Jordan on the same team Nicholes was on FIRE and Jordan was devastating as the pass-first PG, stealing the ball from both Marbury & Crawford. Allan Houston was missing alot of shots but made his last two shots with one from down town.

    Heres some questions asked to Demetris Nicholes:

    Here's a conversation I had with D-Nich this morning in the wake of the Allan Houston invitation to camp:

    Does adding another veteran like Allan Houston make it tougher for you, in your mind, to make this team?

    Thatís not my problem right now. Iím just happy I have the opportunity to play and I have the opportunity to showcase my skill. Iíve got nothing to do with who they sign and who they donít sign. All Iím thinking about is playing well and just trying to win.

    If it doesn't work out here, do you figure another NBA team will pick you up?

    I think it would definitely work out with somebody else, but this is where I want to be . . . Weíll see what happens.

    Do you regret the decision to not follow the Knicks plan to send you to Europe?

    No. (laughs)

    So you believe you belong in this league?

    I have strong faith in my ability and I have strong faith itís all going to work out. You canít get upset at things you canít control. I just try to stay positive and continue to work on my game. Thatís all I can do.

    As we get into another question, Isiah interrupts and says to Demetris, "Tell him who Wally Pipp is!"

    OK, who is Wally Pipp?

    He was a first baseman for the Yankees, right? And he finally got to play.

    Well, actually, he got hurt and Lou Gehrig came in to play for him and Pipp never played for the Yankees again.


    So you think you can be a Lou Gehrig?

    I know I can.

    * *

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    We need to sign D.Nicholes (and J.Jordan). Its nice to see somebody giving the Knicks some love.... even if it is just A.Houston spreading the love. I don't think he'll be making the roster. I hope him well in the future and I'm kind of glad he's not going to make it because it frees up an other wise taken spot. Now lets just get rid of J.James(fatass) and maby M.Rose (much liked player the oppisite of J.James) so we can sign these kids!

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    Nyk Logo Thats whats up

    I think we should make him a coach or trainer or something someone who can be the locker room presence but wont hinder play

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    Houston replaces the injured Vince Carter(who pulled his vagina; out 3-4 months), and drops 54 points on Crawford.

    Wouldn't be surprised.

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    with the way we got our asses beat yesterday i wouldnt be surprised that wouldnt happen tut i would rather Houston do it then Nichols who will be in the league for a much longer time you know.

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