Good things might come to those who wait

Yes, we're gonna have a BRAND NEW site, and if everything goes the way i want, this is going to become one of the best fan sites on the net!
It will take some time, but we're gonna launch it before the new year's eve, so bare with us few more weeks with what we currently have, cause what will turn into.. well it's gonna be THE JOINT!! (as you can see, i'm very excited )

There's 2 things i want to ask from you:

1. If you have any ideas, please post them here, i'm very open to suggestions, and if possible, they're going to be implemented.

2. I REALLY need a concrete team. I want to know who will take care of the headlines, who will write news/editorials/blogs, who wants the recaps and stats, the roster and trades management. There's plenty of jobs for everybody, and the management will be very simple. It's gonna be a tough job for one person, and i just can't continue by myself.. hell, 5 years was a long way and i don't know what would i had done without everybody who contributed so far

Ok, I'm all ears