Two embarrasing Loses for the Knicks!

Both Celtics & Nets came out to WIN this Preseason game at the Tip-off.

If the Knicks Head Coach was not aware of this by the first quarter of each game then why did'nt he give some decent playingtime (20 minutes or more) to just the new Knick players C-Morris, PF-Zach, SF-Chandler, SG-Nicholes, SG-Jones, SG-Houston, PG-Jordan?

The Boston Celtics 101-61 Win over the Knicks with their BIG-3 dominating the game for a 40 point WIN showed the Knicks coaching and players are still not ready for NBA competition.

The N.J. Nets 110-94 whipping on the Knicks from just their BIG-2 controlling the game for a 16 point WIN without PG-Kidd & SF-Nachbar showed the Nets would have beat the Knicks by 25 or more points.

What is the Knicks Problem?

We could start with the Head Coach offensive-plan and defensive-plan vs oponents. There is none.

C-Curry and PF-Zach did nothing together in the GYM this offseason so there is NO-Way they belong on the court together after their two games of poor performances in the Preseason games. They both have decent frontcourt offense but poor defense so untill SF-Renaldo Balkman returns to be their SF, Curry & Zach should become Backups for each other. It is bad when Curry defensive effort is much better than Zach's.

The Knicks defensive Players 6.11 Jefferies & 6.2 Fred Jones do not co-exist together on defense however, the two players showed great defensive effort together when 6.7 Leader Malik Rose was on the court directing them.
They are not play well in a halfcourt offense, their scoring only comes in an uptempo running game.

The Knicks Starters PG-Marbury, SG-Crawford, and SF-Q.Richardson are too slow on offense, and are like 90 year old men on defense. These three players do not co-exist on either end of the court well together. They need different Knick-teammates on the court with them, because their assist level together is way to low for this Knick team to have success on offense this season.

It will suprise alot of Knick-Fans that the best Knick Lineup that have chemistry on both ends of the court from working on co-existing together this offseason in alot of Scrimage games will be:

C-Morris, PF-Lee, SF-Balkman, SF-Chandler, SG-Nicholes, PG-Collins, and PG-Nate.
This young Seven-Man lineup will put all of Isiah Thomas PET-Players to shame...

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