With SF-Balkman out that makes Rookie Chandler the best Athletic SF on this Knick team that could add something successful on both ends of the court.

Chandler is Hungry!

If President/Coach Isiah Thomas has not witness in the last two preseason games that both Curry & Zach add a BIG weakness to this team on the defensive end of the court, and that it will take a long time before both should be put on the court together, plus both should be sitting on the bench together alot at the start of the first 25 regular season games or at least untill Renaldo Balkman is healthy to play alongside of them with Lee or Chandler.
If Isiah dont recognize this now then he has to be one of the dummest coaches in the NBA.

New Team same results:

Four Preseason games played, the first two games you could see the problems inwhich this Knick-Team had to adjust to before the regular season (The slow players in the starting lineup that has problems adjusting to differ oponents).

The last two Preseason games which included Center Eddy Curry in the lineup and rotation it showed "New Team with same poor result".

It is bad enough this Knick Team showed a slow start at the start of every game with Marbury & Crawford with PF-Kurt Thomas. Now they have PF-Zach Randoph same results as K-Thomas.
But when adding Curry to the rotation the entire 48 minutes is way to slow to compete on both ends of the court.

These four players are Halfcourt Offensive players that have a high career of turnover in a halfcourt-offense, and absolutely the worst of players on any kind of DEFENSE, especially when you include "Poor Excuse" Q.Richardson (The Head Coach gets all the BLAME for this and any lost. It is the Head Coach job to provide peremeter defense.)...