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    Default It's Official...The Final 15!

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    Goodbye Jared Jordan, Demetris Nichols and Walker Russell, Jr.

    I guess this is ok although i wouldn't mind seeing D Nichols or Jared Jordan in later years killing as a Knick instead of ____________.

    Renaldo Balkman
    Wilson Chandler
    Mardy Collins
    Jamal Crawford
    Eddy Curry
    Jerome James
    Jared Jeffries
    Fred Jones
    David Lee
    Stephon Marbury
    Randolph Morris
    Zach Randolph
    Quentin Richardson
    Nate Robinson
    Malik Rose
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    I hope this doesn't bite us in the ass later. D Nich is a ****y player, but that can be a good quality to have for an outside shooter. Why is that fat piece of **** Jerome James still on this team?!? I wonder if Dolan told Isiah that he will not buy out any more players. That has to be the reason why James is on the team and D Nich isn't. Didn't we trade a draft pick to Portland for the rights to Nichols? What a waste.

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    Default Jerome James is better than Demetrius?

    I don't get it. What has Jerome James contributed to the Knicks, compared to what Demetrius could have brought to the bench? Is it so important to squeeze JJ's worth out of his bench time, or 2-5 minutes a game WHEN he's healthy? Of course this is Mon AM QB talk, but the Dolan's are paying the Brown's MULTI-MILLIONS (Anushka & Larry), and let's not forget buying out those other contracts, why not buy out JJ and keep Demetrius?

    Why even contemplate Allan Houston's return, instead of having fresh big east blood in the house? That comeback fiasco took away Nichol's time and chance to make team.

    I expected Isiah to bust a trade move in order to keep the kid, this is incredibly disappointing.

    However, in the NBA, size rules, and the Knicks obviously feel a need for a big body or 3, even if they sit on the bench 1/2 the season, than someone who can put the ball in the hoop.

    I'd rather have Nichols than James, Rose OR Jefferies.

    Knicks-with-balls rotation:


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    disappointed. we lost a 2nd round pick for Nichols who im a big fan of. that doesnt seem like much but its still the fact of the matter. then we pay for dickau to leave. pay for jordan to come here. and we end up with nothing. we should of just paid for jerome to get the hell out of here.

    im sure the nichols cut is also a sign of isiah putting his foot down as Nichols has been very vocal. but if nichols doesnt sign on with another team (which i think he will) maybe we can scoop him and see if hell rethink that europe offer. or even D-League for god sakes.

    im not happy at this point. especially when randolph morris is a solid third back up in the bigs department. we dont need jeromes fat ass to waste a roster spot so he can come in for 2 minutes a game. shoot 1-3 get 4 rebounds 1 block, 3 tos and 5 pfs.
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    Well honestly, we all knew this was coming. As good as Nichols is as a shooter, he was beaten by more experienced guards ahead of him. To his credit, he will land somewhere and become a good player in this league... Just not with NY.

    Jerome Lames wasn't bought out because there was no way Dolan was doing that especially with the settlement Ms. Saunders was just awarded in court. JJ was spared by a guilty verdict... Double whammy!

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    You gotta remember part of the NBA is business. And you just can't eat a contract like that. It's a shame for Nicoles but he wasin a tough spot.

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    Look, all this BULL5H1T about James' contract is just that - BULL5H1T!

    No matter how you slice it, the Knicks are going to have to pay him. So why pay him his annual salary every year to be a fat slob on the end of the bench or injured and not get anything out of him instead of paying him right now and having Nichols on the bench developing and working hard "on the cheap".

    The difference in cost is negligible.

    This is about Isiah and Dolan's freaking EGOs! They don't want to admit they screwed up big time on James and are sacrificing a young shooter with the potential to be a good NBA player in order to save face.

    This is why both of them should be thrown the hell out of town.

    Isiah at least has a couple of redeeming qualities. He can draft well and the players like him. However, he has burnt through a ton of Dolan's money and screwed up our cap position, made some horrible moves, and is only a mediocre coach to begin with. WTF do we need this guy for other than as a draft advisor. And Dolan, he's dumber than a rock.

    I'm sick of both of these idiots. It's a good thing Isiah has drafted well enough to at least put an exciting team on the court.

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