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    Originally Posted by NYC-BOY
    This guy will never see minutes this was a redicuous move by the knicks. like my other bloggers said he will be get payed anyway. Plus when you buy out a contractu usually they dont get the whole thing. Nicholes would have gotten what 100,000 it would have equalled out in the numbers the knicks organization is so stupid.

    nichols wasnt going be a factor to the outcome of the knicks this year, so stop crying

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    He might not have "been a factor" in the outcome of this year, but at least he could hit the floor if called upon unlike the useless,fat-ass,loser on the end of the bench named J.James! We are going to pay this guy (James) anyway so why not try cutting his full pay by buying him out? Valid question don't you think?

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    Originally Posted by nyKnicks126
    True that MSGhobo, but I was watching the WHOLE game, and it seemed to me that the Knicks weren't even trying to play seriously. Turnovers were a big factor also.

    Metro I gotta give you credit, Malik wasn't there for Qs and Marburys problem, and he wasn't even there from Larry Browns and Marburys problem. But when it comes to helping players with there game, Malik is almost always there to help.
    Malik can't stop Marbury from being himself. The point guard who should be the leader shouldn't be in fights. But being around each other for months and monts fights are bound to happen, I mean best friends even get in fights, it happens.

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    Knicks down by 5 with 30 seconds left to go. Nichols has been on the bench all game, hasn't broken a sweat... you think if they call James or Chandler or any of the back end players could be called on to make that shot.. no they won't Nichols could. If that would have been his only role.. that and garbage time.. that would have been enough...

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