In this 2007-8 Knick Season

The BEST team to compare the Knicks with is there across the River rivals the Nets, whom beat the Knicks (Terrible) twice in the Preseason with just their Bench Players.
Looking at the Nets roster and than the Knicks roster you will see all the Knicks weakest positions. You can start with looking and grading at the starting PG and his PG-backup:

Jason Kidd = A+, Armstrong = B
Marbury = C+, Nate = B+
The above PG difference is a Major factor of concern on the confidence of the rest of the players on the roster. Especially when you look at the PG's prime partner in the backcourt his SG.
Carter = A-, Wright = C+
Crawford = C-, Jones = C- too.

That is why they call the Nets "The BIG-3" (PG, SG, SF),
and now the chemistry that is taken place on the Boston Cetics will also be called the "BIG-3" too (SG, SF, PF).

The Knicks dont have a BIG-3 in their Starting lineup, the closest the Knicks could come to a BIG-3 line-up is in their Bench-Players in PF-Lee, SF-Balkman, and Combo Nate Robinson.
SG-D-Nichols would have become a great scorer inside that Bench lineup, especially wid the addition of PF-Zach Randolph.

The Knicks been very WEAK at SG position since the days of "Ward, Houston, and Van Horn (or Sprewell)".
The Knicks best SG since then has been Combo-Guard Nate.

That is why I was so happy wid 6.8 Rookie SG-D-Nichols, with Crawford still imature decision making and poor FG percentage, Q.Rich slowness from back injury, and Fred Jones past against NBA competition, that Rookie SG-Demetris Nichols would have eased his way into the SG-Rotation with his Peremeter shooting when we needed it the most (the unknown Rookie).

I think its time for me to stay away from the Knicks after they Cut D-Nichols. Isiah Thomas have to get FIRED! this 15 man lineup is not going anywhere without a healthy Lee, Balkman, Nate, and Collins for 82 games.
D-Nichols was suppose to be the Scorer on the Bench-Crew.
But Isiah Thomas want all the scoring in his "Play-Book" to just go to "Marbury, Crawford, Q.Rich, Zach, and Curry".

I'm FINISHED with Isiah Thomas FAKE Plan for this Knick-Team, it has'nt Worked for him in "Four-Seasons" (with 5 Coaches), and it started to look like it was going to workout well for him in the offseason with the addition of Two pure Peremeter Shooters "Zach Randolph & Demetris Nichols", but Isiah goes and CUT D-Nich.
Meaning us Knick-Fans has to depend on inconsistent Crawford & Fred Jones at the SG position for points this season.
The Knicks BEST "Three-Guard-Offense" consist of Marbury, Nate, and D-Nich, or Nate, Collins, and Jones.

Seeee ya!!!!!
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