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their big 3 all played 30+ minutes last night and it was a closer game than the first one without kidd. with your "grades" obviously kidd gets the a+ but armstrong a b and marbury a c+? i would hope youre basing it on the game/ i didnt see the game but i seriously doubt armstrong will ever outplay marbury for an extended stretch. we have 2 guys who if you add up their weight make up a big 3...thats close enough right? and randolph pure perimeter shooter? he has that dimension but thats not all he does. i personally feel we should be playing q and balkma together and bring a combination of nate/craw/chandler off the bench at the 2-3 spots with maybe jeffries thrown in for defense.
Yo that is brilliant. I hope Thomas can see that once Balkman is healthy Crawford should be benched. I'd only start Crawford if a guard was injured. I'm really starting to think that Randolph may be trade bait. Don't be surprised if you hear Ranolph's name in a trade rumor to L.A.