Look this season is a guaranteed success for all of you who don't like Isiah, reason being is the popular opinion is that he's a goner if the Knicks don't make the playoffs. So it's truley a win win, also if we don't make it we'd have a lottery pick to either use, or package with an expiring contract such as Malik's or even Stephon's (if IT is not the GM it is likely that he could get moved).

I'll go even a step further and say even if we make the playoffs this year, then the following year IT will be expected to win a series the in 2008/09. If the Knicks win a series this season, then that becomes the new expectation for this team

The only problem to me is that we took on Zach's contract, if this experiment doesn't work I don't think we can move him. and he's on the books for 4 seasons, now granted he's not as imovable as Francis, but it's going to trade his contract.