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    Nyk Logo Portland looking Good

    Portland gave the Championship Spurs a run for their Money in the season opener in San Antonio. Portland look 100% better than last season.

    I say this because the Spurs have so many Peremeter-Shooters on their team around Duncan, and everytime the Spurs would take a 8 to 10 point lead in the game Portland would chop it back down to just a 3 point lead.
    The Knicks dont have that kind of tenacity to keep stopping the Spurs from building on a 10 point lead throughout the game.

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    I watched the game and they do look good Roy is the truth dude has streetball skills and an NBA mind he didnt shoot well but he can create his own shot anytime and i have to be honest it was hard watching Channing Frye hustling his ass off i wish them luck . and why the hell do we have to wait until friday the Knicks.

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    Yup the Blazers looked good and they look like they got it right for their future as well. Frye looked like Frye(looks like a deer with his eyes in the headlights) I honestly think he's got about 3 to 5 years before he's out of the leage. No one wants a soft big man and thats all the Frye guy is going to be. Would you keep him if you were the Blazers with a stable full of good bigs?

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    Aldridge is better than Curry, this is not from watching POR vs SA...I've watched Aldridge a lot last year. Superior rebounder, defense, athlete, and has more tools and skills offensively.

    Portland isn't a good team yet. Webster and Roy aren't good perimeter defenders, Jack is a good defender, but not a creative PG; they better hope Sergio Rodriguez matures quickly...he has Steve Nash abilities but plays careless like Crawford.

    Roy and Webster are both talented offensively, Roy is by far polished and ready to give you 20 5 and 5. Webster looks improved, but we'll see. He's pretty much one dimensional, good shooter, decent to bad at everything else.

    We'll see with Portland; losing Oden was a hit.

    Frye is still GARBAGE, glad we traded him.

    **** the Spurs.

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