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Sorry Metro, but what kind of an argument is this? You bash Curry for being not in shape but not Marbury for losing in the NBA? Don't you think that it also took Curry " years of repetition, conditioning, and hard aerobic and anaerobic workouts just to even be considered near the competition level of the NBA"? The thing is: that is not the point anymore once you are there. I think we all agree that we could never compete with neither Marbury, nor Medvedenko. The point is, does a player bring something to the table that helps the team to win. And whatever Marbury tried to do (wherever he played) he never managed to. This has nothing to do with 20-8 or dishing more. Sometimes it is just attitude, karma or call it what you want. This is most unfortunate for Marbury but he is just not a winner on NBA level. And I am not the type of guy who is going to cheer for him once he hits one game winner. I hated the trade that brought him to NY in the first place. I heard the interviews where he said that everything is going to be different from his previous career because NY is his hometown and stuff. What is different now? Nothing.
You're not too bright. Remind me of how many great playoff games Eddy Curry has had. For every bad thing Marbury has, Curry has 10.