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Marbury and most of the starters are similar players in that they all have great individual talents but are not great team players. Next time you all watch a Knick game notice how stagnant the offense is when the starters are playing. It's always one guy with the ball and the other four standing around. This is a collective fault (including coaching). I really think that the game plan is "give the ball to (enter starter's name here) and let him beat his defender one-on-one". Run a play for Christ's sake!! How about an occasional pick-and roll??!!?? Why don't the players move without the ball? When double-teamed, how about kicking it out to the open man??!!?? Isn't that how an inside-outside game is supposed to work?

My problem with Marbury is that his stats overshadow his talent. A point gaurd is supposed to run the game. Direct players and make them better on the court. Recognize the flows of the game. Marbury can be as good as Tony Parker. He can get to the hoop and either score or draw a foul any time he wants. He must recognize when the team is having a scoring drought and then take over. Drive the lane and score when nobody else can. Sometimes it is more about the intangibles than the stats.
My problem with Marbury is his SALARY overshadows his talent.