Here to me may be our best offer yet:
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Sacramento Kings

Incoming Players
Randolph Morris
Salary: $810,000 Years Remaining: 1

Mardy Collins
Salary: $967,320 Years Remaining: 2

Renaldo Balkman
Salary: $1,280,640 Years Remaining: 2

Fred Jones
Salary: $3,300,000 Years Remaining: 1

Outgoing Players: Ron ArtestNew York Knicks

Keep tonights game in mind:
Its clear that everyone needs to nock this playoff certainty down a notch. I think it should go from probable to possible, which is better than improbable but still not good enough where I am anywhere near certain that we can make it. Now I know you isiah haters would love nothing more than for isiah to fail and be out of the league but I like the knicks, I dont wanna hope they ever lose and to me getting artest right now would propell this teams prospect up to probable instantly, I know he has issues, I know that offensively he is a little wild but this guy can change a teams gameplan if that team intended on scoring from the perimeter. Thats what we missed today. A guy who can be in Lebrons face the whole game, making everytime he faced the knicks one of his hardest challenges. I love Balkman, I love Q but against the best Rnaldo's not ready and Q's already over the hill with all the injuries. This proposed trade would upgrade our team and sure we give up some players but overall we're still keeping the BEST players right now.

Balkman- he has to go. Its just logical. By getting Artest we'd be upgrading the position, nobody argue here, there isnt much doubt. Artest is better than Q and Balkman. Matter of fact he'd be the second best player on our team considering his play on both ends of the floor. Balkman has the highest trade value of all our players besides Lee right now, and he's one of the only reasons this deal could go down for Sacremento. And it feel bad saying it but Chandler makes for the better hier to the starting position down the road anyway when you take into account his defense and ability to score.He's less experienced but considering you still got Q and Artest in front of him, he has time to learn.
Randolph Morris- isnt really ready to contribute but he's more ready than spencer Hawes who's in a cast, he's a young player that wouldve been lottery bound, worth working with

Mardi Collins- hate to lose this dude but I guess I gotta say, Nate has shown me some things and if we want value we gotta give up enough value and sacremento could probably use a defensive minded pure PG to add to the stable of young players theyre stockpiling. Mardi doesnt look like he's gonna play much in NY anyway this year.

Fred Jones- teams like expirings when thier rebuilding.

Curry/Lee/James should stop eating

I like this because our main guys would be Marbury, Crawford, Artest, Randolph & Curry with Q as the 6th man. I know we all want Q at SG in this scenario but lets face it, he's not in starting conditioning anymore. The muscles are all chissels but the bones are weary. I'd use him at SF when Artest gets tired and at SG if we wanna play some physical defense for stretches. We still get to keep Lee and we still keep Nate, we get to the playoffs, make some noise and build from there.