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    Default Unless...

    Zeke can steal Ron, he won't get him. And I mean steal like, Nate, Collins, malik or something of that nature.

    He is in a huge year. He won't trade a fan favorite (Lee, Balkman) for a guy who can walk next year, though he like won't, and then have to start over chemistry wise. He'd have even more onus to win with Artest than he does now.

    Only trade that will save him no matter what, is if Kobe is Knick somehow. That buys him two more years easy. Anything else, is win now or else.

    I think He will likely keep the team the same. Besides, Q is just in a rut. His offense will come.

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    Originally Posted by kaos1
    Q and Nate for Artest.

    Would you do it?

    I would.

    Marbury, Crawford, Artest, Randolph, Curry

    Mardy, Balkman, D-Lee off the bench

    I like Q and Nate, but if that's the proposed deal, i'd take it.
    That's not the point. That's not how things work. Just because it's favorable to the Knicks, doesn't mean the other team will let it happen.

    Quentin's offensive abilities has been subpar. His defense is decent, at best. It's not like he's a great defender by any means. And with Nate Robinson, you're getting a question mark. He has to prove that he can be a real PG in this league.

    Ron Artest is not only 10 times better than them defensively, he's also pretty good offensively. His attitude and character may be an issue, but if I were the Kings, I'm not trading him unless I can get some certain talent around.

    It's already been said, anyways. They want David Lee and/or Renaldo Balkman. Ask yourself, who makes a bigger positive difference for their team, the combination of Balkman and Lee, or Artest?

    It's not like just because Artest has character issues they are willing to go with any deal out there.

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