I know this was the Knicks first game of the regular season and alot of members tuned in while watching the game giving some great input each quarter. But after sleeping on what you seen in the Knicks vs Cavs with Lebron James scoring 45 points, and taking charge in the 4th qtr. for the conclusion of a Cavs WIN.

What are all the things you notice in that game the Knicks need to improve in for the WIN?

When PG-Gibson hit his consecutive 3-point shot and the Cavs took a 8 or 9 point lead (and Isiah did not call a time out), did you give the WIN to the Cavs at that moment? or when the Cavs came back down and score again?

Did the Knicks show at anytime during the game that they were the better team in scoring, rebounding, defending, and co-existing together vs the Cavs?

Was Curry & Zach more dominating than Lebron James?
Was Marbury more dominating than Gibson?
Was Crawford & Jones more dominating than Hughes?

I know this was the first game of the Knicks regular season however, did the Knicks show any kind of playbook strategy-plan that says you got this one but the next time things will be alot different.
The Raptors tore a new hole in the Nets last night, and the 76ers put it on the Bulls in every qtr. last night, plus the Atlanta Hawks came down out the air so fast and scooped themselves up an upsetting WIN over the Mavs last night.

We all know that the Nets, Bulls, and Mavs have the capability and strategy plan to pay back these teams the next time they play them, but do the Knicks have the same capability to do the same???