We played better then Cleveland if not for the King!!! Boobie could of hit five more threes if Lebron didn't have that chip on his shoulder!! Wow he is dominant !! Marbury might not of played too good I think he was too anxious but wow how easily he was getting to the hoop!! Missing though!!
But Zack and Curry for a first game together looked really scary if you ask me!! Reminds me of Larry Johnson & Mourning when they played for Charlotte!! We killed the post last night!! And once Mr Sterns goon refs start giving some Shaq like respect to Curry ( no calls last night) even as a 60% FT shooter he would have 5 to 6 more points a game!! He was getting butchered last night!!
Cant say enough about little Nate!!! He does it like he loves doing it!! That smile says it all!! Strong dude too!! Mad props for the energy and love of he game not to mention your 19 last night!!
Marty got no run??? What is up with that??
Isiah I happen to be one of the few who Loves what you have done for us!!
And I agree there is a difference if A black man calls a women........... Sorry thtats a different discussion!! .... Why not let Marty run the point a little more!! It's obvious he can run the offense and Defend!! Crawford wants to shoot , Stephon likes to shoot !! Collins plays ball!! Good eye on talent yet again Isiah!! Marbury's 20 mil makes it hard but It's still a smart move!!
Marbury will be fine but Collins needs at minimum 20 minutes a game!!
Balkman You OK???? Lebron came after you!! Someone must of told him you can hold him!! I know next time you gonna shut him down!! I seen what you can do!!
All in all we must give our team love cause we came to play! Sad we lost but again we played ball!!
Other losses last night!!
Dallas losses to Atlanta!!
Suns losses to Lakers!!
Nets demolished by Raptors!!
We will be fine!!!