4th quarter is what counts the most. YOu can be up by 20pts, and if you blow it in the 4th, it's a terrible game.
4th quarter is crunch time. It's the time when good teams close out. Bad teams fold. Everything that happend before the 4th doesn't matter. If you can't do it when the pressure is on, then you had a bad game.
So which did the Knicks do? When the other team made their run, did the knicks come back on the other end? Next time down court did they step up their D? No they folded, they looked terrible in the 4th. You won't win many games this year, if they play like that in the 4th, when a team makes a run and not have an answer on either end? just run a couple confused plays on offense, and forget to cover the Hot shooter, I mean the guy was so open, it was ridiculous, the ball was at the rim before a knick defender was even in arms reach of him. They Lost to a cavs team, that didn't even play that well. Except when the knicks folded. The knicks looked bad, when the pressure was on. If you can't play underpressure in the NBA, you aren't going to win and you will look bad.
I'd be singing a different tune, if the Knicks put up a fight, if someone had their hand in gibsons face when he hit his second, third and forth 3pter of the quarter. If he hits them with a hand in his face, there wasn't much a defender can do. I'd take that, and say the knicks looked good. If they hit some free throws the cavs handed to them to get back into the game or if they at least had a decent offensive set during the cavs run, between zach randolph fumbling to score or pass out of the double, a couple times, jamaal crawfords solo effort that resulted in an awkward runner that was terribly off. It was just aweful to watch. There was no flow, a lot of nerves.
The cavs turned it around, they stepped up, then almost faltered, and closed it out.