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if we lose to the t-wolves our season is down the drain??? isiah gone?? and because he didnt call a time out dosent mean anything...phil jackson makes moves like that all the time....we needed a lesson in what happens when u dont defend the 3pt shot....now we see if we learned our lesson this game...

knick - 108
wolves - 91

marbs - 12 pts.....8 asists...3 to's
crawford - 21 pts 4 rebs 4 assists
randolph - 24 pts 14 rebs 4 assists
curry - 18 pts 8 rebs 2 blocks
haha toons arent those about the same numbers that we had against cleveland?

and curry definitely looks like he got into shape...mad diesel. id say hes in as good or better shape than randolph right now.

kiyaman, i dont think in the history of this forum anyone ever said a word about crawford or curry's d being anything above average or below average.

i think minny is gonna score 90-100 but with all their new players i really doubt they have enough team defense to stop us from scoring 100-110 points. they dont really have enough big bodies to bang with us either, especially if walker is at the 4. does anyone have starting lineups? or at least know who their starters are?