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win wasnt pretty but i'll take it, as the game goes along, knick guards go away from puttin the ball in post, its good that crawfords jumpshot was falling, he was aggressive today
Damn this is so true! Why does that happen???? It seems as if they clearly have a game plan to start off the game, but then halfway through the second half it turns into whoever wants to shoot it play. The same thing happened in Cleveland. They started the game with Zach and Eddy in the half court and Marbury going to the basket on fast breaks since Gibson couldn’t guard him. Eventually the team looked lost on offense and werent sure who was going to be the focal point.

Great win for the home fans but they still have a lot of work to do. Perimeter defense is BAD BAD BAD. We will leave a teams best 3 point shooter even after he's shown that he's on fire. I don't have much of a problem with the offense, but the team needs to care more on defense. If our players miss a defensive assignment, they're answer is to make sure they score next time down court. I need to see someone get really upset when they make a defensive error and WANT to make up for it on the defensive end.

I think right now the Knicks are committed to winning by using all their weapons to score. There is no commitment to hold a team to 80 points. When I use to play high school ball, I would tell the person I was defending "sorry, but your gonna have a bad game tonight" because I was going to make it so difficult for him to even get the ball, let alone score. I can honestly say, 90% of the time it worked.