Calling all Knick Fans!!
If Kobe gets traded it only makes sense for everyone involved that it is to the Knicks!! Let's think about it for a sec. Where does Kobe get traded to that can it make everyone involved happy??
Kobe has to be happy first from what I hear about his contract and that no trade clause!! That's why you have agents so that when your not happy with your situation you control your destiny!! Good move for Kobe!!
Why not in NY?? The biggest stage in the world!!
Do we not have enough around him to win?? If he is as good as I believe he is whoever he plays with here he can win!! All our players have skills!! All our players hustle!! I know Kobe already loves Lee's game!! Curry would be Shaq with less ego!! Kobe has enough ego for the whole team!!! Marbury looks better with Kobe on his side too!! Kobe with Nate sounds good !! With Randolph!! With Q!! With any one who stays behind!!
Why would he rather follow MIKE to Chicago?? Why want to be the next Jordan rather then the first Kobe!! Win in NY and then people will give Kobe the props that deserves!! Even though in my mind he has already earned enough props! Three Rings sounds good to me!!!
Imagine Kobe raising the trophy at the Garden!! Isiah grinning in the Backround !! Mr Dolan taking the trophy from Mr Stern!!! Wow what a Happy ending!!
The NBA will be hotter then ever!!
Kobe in the EAST!!
Kobe vs Lebron!! Kobe vs Wade!! Kobe vs Vince!!!
The Buss's will have a say in all of this of coarse but they are easy!! Give them what they want!! Whatever it may be!!
I know that sounds drastic but think about it 7 for one in the Garnett deal!!
nothing would make that look bad for either team!! Did Boston have more talent then us before they traded for Allen or Garnett? Draft picks?? Give them up!! We can make minor repairs as we go are we really gonna draft a Kobe anytime soon?
Give Mr Buss all the money you can!!
Give his daughter a % of What Kobe brings to NY in endorsements!!
Give Phil Jackson Players to win with!!
Just please get KOBE!!!!
This is a win win for everyone involved now we must make it happen!!!