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    20 million for 2 more YEARS.

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    Originally Posted by pyotrveliky
    1) im pretty sure neither of them expressed any interest in playing in NY. gilbert wouldnt be a good fit if we keep the same nucleus of players. baron i think would be better. how many years are left on marbury's contract? for 20+ mil do you think any team would really want him over those 2? i wouldnt.
    When I mentioned the trade,I was talking about trying to make the trades in the off-season when these players actually opt-out.At that time Marbury and M.Rose's contracts officially become expiring contracts!!

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    i understood that, expiring contract or not, any team that takes marbury is pretty much gonna have to start him and i think GS might rather go with ellis at point if baron leaves, but i think hed rather stay there. washington is intriguing because losing gilbert is a huge drop off in their offense, im just not sure if they would want marbury, and im not sure gilbert really wants to leave. if he does then i guess they might as well try a sign and trade to have a pg for a year at least.
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