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    Default im a curry basher

    but what I saw in game one was something special, and i think we showed heaps of promise.

    Going into the game i thought they would clash... but randolph 10-15 footer was great... and HE CAN PASS. Curry did extremely well on offence in the paint.

    Eddy cannot defend but i am getting over this fact... because randolph can.. and he can rebound.

    Lee combined well with these two

    Jcraw played well, and Marbury will bounce back.

    I was worried about the three point defence, but I think Isiah will stress this point.

    Looking forward to a happier knicks season... THANKYOU Isaiah for bringing ZBO to town... I know its only one game but i think he will be a monster..

    We just lost against the east conference winners, with no production from marbury.

    Head up knick fans

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    We better win tonight's game against the Twolves.

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