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    Default i missed the game....though tip off was at 7!

    glad to see we won.....but what were some of the big moments in the game? did that garden BOO zeke like i hope they did? i really hope he fely about an inch tall as having the whole house decend on him with boos.

    tell me please. all i can find are these assciated press releases.
    Michael Jordan ruined my childhood.....

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    There were a few boos, Nothing crazy. I'd say 25 percent boos

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    Nyk Logo Why boo him before a game

    Come on he is still the coach and i want his head clear so that he will go extra hard for us, NY to win. Hes not feeling the love and all he is fighting for is a job right now but show him love and let him feel like hes wanted so maybe he will do his job with some intensity like when he was playing for detroit. Right now i dont see the fire in his eyes i dont see the desire the need to win like he should have. I say show him love even if you dont like him until hes gone hes still the coach.

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    I think I'm going to Boo Isiah Thomas Three times in the Garden this season for Starting Steve Francis last season.

    The Houston Rockets Coach Adelman has not started Francis yet, and as long as PG-Alston is healthy Francis will be a bench player.
    Isiah Thomas was supposed to be Real-Hard on "Francis and Jalen Rose" for the havoc the Media was saying about them on their previous team.

    Isiah Thomas is a poor G.M at trading for veteran players, he should've made both Players Steve Francis & Jalen Rose agree to comming off the bench, and working-out with the young-players during the offseason, before allowing them to get a Knick Physical of approval during their trade deal so it would be complete. Davis was a problem Isiah accepted in wanting Eddy Curry, Davis was a one season problem, that all his Knick-Teammates understood that Davis did not want to be coached under Larry Brown "B" again or anymore then they did.
    Trading two 15 million $$$ ending contracts (equal Zach Randolph today) for two veteran players (Jalen Rose & Francis) that looked at the Knicks as a JOKE-TEAM with the "WAR" going-on between "Owner, G.M., Coach, and Players" which added up to a 23 WIN Season. How did Isiah expect Jalen Rose & Francis to view the Knick organization situation they just got themselves into that offseason?

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