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    I personally love the energy the Lee, Nate and Balkman give when they come off the bench and I think we should keep that group together.

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    Originally Posted by David Lee is #1
    No way should Balkman start b/c he does a fine job coming off the bench with David Lee and Nate.Those three bring a faster pace of energy to the game.That would be silly to set Crawford on the bench when he can clearly get into a zone and put a 50 on the team that the Knicks are playing.Balkman needs to come in when Lee and Nate does.Sure he would be the third one off the bench behind Lee and Nate but still he would get in there a few minutes later and all three would be a force to recken with.
    You're right, they were discussing this, this morning on WFAN. Balkman could start aon many teams, maybe even somewhere like Detroit, Dallas, or anywhere else in the NBA. but there is something we needand it's called Balance. Curry and Craw play SO well together, and Craw can get EC involved in a game early and have him set the tone sure you have Steph on the court but his connection/chemistry is not as good with EC.

    Plus having Balkman off the bench with Lee and Nate is something magical, and I wouldn't mess with it.

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    If Balkman were to start, who would produce energy off the bench? Lee, Nate, and Balkman produce game-changing energy. Just because Balkman had one excellent game does not mean he should start. He's excellent because he's accepted the role as the bench energizer

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