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WOW what a great game!!!!! Great team win tonight again and everybody played a great game.The game ball goes to Balkman without a doubt b/c he played a great game.The turning point was in the third when Lee and Balkman came in early in the third and those two really brung the energy.That got the team going and got Curry and the other players pumped up and the Knicks won.

Thats exactly why I think Lee and Balkman should come off the bench b/c you see what they can do exspecially tonight againist a very tough Denver team.
I agree. Balkman and Lee are great options off the bench.
This was a good game becuase the team made solid adjustments in the 2nd half. They played very little D in the 1st half, but made some solid plays in the 2nd and EVERYONE was involved. Curry,Randolph,Crawford.
Marbury was a fantastic floor leader,hes improved his game, altho AI was a real hassle tonite, not much u can when AI is on his game.
Crawford's shot selection is better, with some def room for improvement,but hes been solid all 3 games.
Randolph has shown he can make those good passes off the double teams, as he found a cuttin balkman, who made the nifty wrap around pass to curry underneath.
If the big men can make those passes, we can be real dangerous. Curry has improved his double team passing as well so far.
Still early but they showed some real good things. Friday's game is important, Curry loves to play vs Howard, and the magic improved by gettin Rashard Lewis lighting it up.
Good night to be Knicks Fan, good vibe till friday, hopefully they win friday and take me into a good weekend...