Wow wow wow !!! That was a great game!! We looked like a very good team!!! We played with intense passion for most of the game!!

Crawford and Curry have an amazing chemistry thats only getting more dangerous for our opponents! Some them opps were sick!! Crawford has been clutch and Curry was clutch tonight!! Big FT Big rebounds and one hell of a BIG Block!!

Randolph is just getting to know us yet 3 double doubles in his first three games!!! Ski is the limit how good he is gonna be for us!!!! Soft sweet shot MONSTER BOARDS!!!

Lee is David Lee!! ( Best Knick by far last year)

My Boy Marbury is Starbury again!! Getting to the hoop!!Passing!! Swishing 3's!! Playing hard nose D!!

But by far tonights MVP was Balkman!! Balk does not play we lose!! 3 blocks?? Are you serious??? How bad do we need that???? If not for his energy and D we lose hands down! Blowout!!

We looked good!!! We got a big W !!! But we still have work!!

Lets GO KNICKS!!!!