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I was very impressed with Curry but one and only made it sound like he played a great all around game. He did have a big block in the 4th but his defense overall was average, which im happy with comin from him. If he can play average defense this year I'll be happy. I noticed immediatly he was making more of an effort on defense and thats what hes gonna do. OneandOnly, you probably didnt even see the game. You only saw the replay of the block and the stats. I dont respect your posts anyways. Curry looked very improved on offense and i was happy with what i saw from him. When he gets good positioning he is unstoppable.

Zach Randolph, I knew he was good with Portland. I saw him play against the knicks a couple times last year but I'm shocked by what i've seen from him. Hes not athletic but hes a very smart and skilled player.

Renaldo Balkmen is the man. His defense on Carmella was excellent. I love Balkmen (no homo). He gives it everything hes got every time he steps onto the court. His energy off the bench will do big things for the knicks all season long.

Q-Rich played good D on Carmella also. Hes struggling offensively but he'll start playin better soon. I'd still rather have him starting then balkmen cuz balkmens energy off the bench helps when the knicks are struggling. Hes good at gettin the team back into the game, along with Nate and Lee.

Marbury played a great game. I dont know why more people havent commented on Marburys play but he was very unselfish and he hit some big shots. Theres nothin that anyone couldve done to stop AI the way he was playin.

Crawford also played very unselfishly, and he also hit some big shots. I thought his defense was terrible. He is one of the worst defenders in the league. He better keep scorin to make up for his poor defense.

This was a great win and if they can keep playin the way they did last night, they'll be a very tough team to beat. They played like a team and it was nice to see after the past 6 or 7 years. I'm happy for Isiah, He looked very stressed out for a while but hopefully the team can continue to win. Thats the only way to quiet the critics. Denver plays the Celtics tonight, we'll see how the PGA tour (Pierce Garnett Allen) does against the Nuggets. Should be another good game.
LOL and do you think I need your respect? Don't be mad because you're pessimistic views of Curry are now tasting like sour grapes. I'm glad my boy played well and you're hating on me for that fact? Get off me LOL...you can't take my shine. I told you he was young and would get better every year and is an unstoppable force. He's one of the major reasons we won last night. 100% of the credit goes to balkman and his defense but Curry gets props for being clutch on the boards, blocks, and in the paint offensively. I'm glad you're starting to have some positive messages in your post...otherwise you'd still be hater.