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KnicksLyfe can't hang, once again.

Isiahsexuals follow Isiahsexuals.

Like I said, you're not good at this posting stuff. If you were you would actually put the facts I made to shame.

Why are you replying the worst poster on the forum who has failed to get off my ignore list? You're a much quality poster than this; that monkey isn't on your level. There are some high level Isiahsexuals who can hold down an agrument, then there are others who aren't worth a serious reply.

Why would I call in sick if my imaginary sister was kid napped or I got injured?

Ahahaha, I'm trying to be respectful here, but you're just stupid; you have the mind of an 11 year old and the insults of a 52 year old virgin...Damn, I would be mad at life if I was as stupid and corny at your age.

Anyway, what did we learn from this thread today?

Camby > Curry

People who "think" Curry > Camby don't have a well thought out unbias explanation on that.

I would like to give a special shout to the Isiahsexuals for just making me look better than I am.

The only thing I don't get is what all this has to do with Isiah? Okay, He brought in Curry but didn't he also bring in all the other players (one in particular that don't have to mention I guess)? Not that I am particularly fond of him, it is just that I don't get the relevance of being what you call an "Isiahsexual" in this context...