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    Nyk Logo Help me Isiah, I just don't understand.

    I like this team, but we are not setting ourselves up for the future. Isiah amazingly brings in talent, but each year it is getting harder to make bigt deals. With each trade he has brought in an overpaid player with a contract no other team will touch. This is a temporary fix to a growing problem. Our payroll is spread out to far into the bench. Guys like Jerome James and Malik Rose who won't see regular playing time are costing our team 15million this season! They won't even see the floor very often! And if Rose does see the floor it comes at the expense of Chandler, who could be using that time to develope. I respect Rose. He is a good player, just not for the money and he's to far down on depth chart to make an impact anyway. Rose would only play garbage time, the time most teams allow for rookies and works in progress. So not only is he expensive, he is clogging up the development of our young players. I admitt he is a good influence on young players and in the looker room, but that is a coaches job, not a players to influence and mold young players. Besides how much influence does he have when he doesn't even see the floor, how much do young players respect a guy who rides the pine? Jerome James, everyone should realize he has absolutely no value at all. He is not a mentor, role model or talent for anyone to admire or respect. Buying him out would be expensive, but worth it. If we had bought him out and signed Nichols, we could play and develope Nichols in garbage time, the only time James would ever see the floor, and it would have cost the Knick only about 1.6million more than letting Nichols go. (800k slaray 800k luxary tax. What we pay James now and what we would pay him if we bought him out is basically the same, so the only additional cost would be Nichols salary and luxary tax...about 1.6million and we'd have a future star or a valuable role player or a bust, but it would only have cost 1.6 extra and wouldn't really effect the cap. And now all we have is jerome james an obvious bust, who still gets paid. Heck we could have pretended he is still on the roster if it would make Isiah feel better, he will play just as much.
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