The time has come to start admitting some things to ourselves about these Knicks.

In all sports and games, there are players of varying talent and players of varying ability to rise up and find ways to win. Call it character. The Knicks are long on talented players but very short on players with character.

During the Miami game was there anyone out there that didn't know that they were going to find a way to turn the ball over with 19 seconds left without even getting a shot off?

Was there anyone out there that actually thought Marbury wouldn't throw up a brick on the last play of the game?

Of course not. Everyone knew.

The reason we knew was because it typically doesn't matter whether it's Marbury, Crawford, Curry, Robinson, etc..... that has the ball. They ARE going to either take a bad shot, throw the ball away, or doing something else stupid to prevent themselves from winning. THey almost always do.

It's not a lack of talent that is keeping the Knicks down. It's a lack of character. Some young players eventually outgrow the nerves, want to be the guy that takles the last shot, and learn how to actually deliver under pressure often enough to make a difference. The Knicks have no such players. They may have some players that are willing, but they are unable. It's sad, but unless some of these young players outgrow their character flaws this team WILL NOT win no matter how many talented losers we add to the squad.