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The Bad Decision-Making of the Knicks Head-Coach and his coaching staff.

The Knicks STARTERS from Opening-Night should've remain the same unless injuries occured.
We have to many "EGO" Starters that will resent their teammates for such a change in the Starting Lineup (Causing havoc in the Lockerroom between teamates).
The Head-Man in charge need to stick with the PLAN he started with in Preseason by working hard on it.
Isiah Thomas Starters has been the Knicks main problem since the addition of Stephon Marbury.
The three seasons of 33 WIN seasons should've automatically took Marbury out of the Starting lineup, the icing on the cake was Marbury testimony in the Annucha Trial would've made me put him at the end of the bench with a Trading sign on his Jersey. I would not care what people thought of my action toward benching Marbury, because I know what the Jury thought when he got laid and I did'nt.

Being that I Started the season with these "STARTERS" I would have to follow through with them. However, there would've been nothing wrong with giving the bench players more responsiblities by putting them in the game (early) after the first 5 minutes of the first-quarter (PG-Nate or PG-Collins).

This immediate change of benching Starting PG-Starbury after a BAD Game was unwarranted for the sake of the team so early in the season.

All this controversy shows is that the Head-Coach and his coaching staff was clueless about their decision making in training-camp and the Preseason about the players and their plan on WINNING enough games to make this season playoffs.