Where would you start?

Firstly, I would get signed to the physical trainer position and GM. I'll make Allan Houston the president and Mark Jackson the head coach. Gus Johnson and Clyde Frazier will be the full time announcers. We'll get new uniforms, a graffit design representing the Hip Hop culture created in NYC...the default colors will be orange, black blue and white.

Following trades:

Sonics trade
Delonte West
Johan Petro
Wally Z
Kurt Thomas
1st round pick

Knicks trade
Eddy Curry
Jamal Crawford


Why for us?
Expiring contract and an enforcer in Kurt Thomas. Wally has 1 year left in his contract; Delonte West is a defensive specialist at the PG position is only 23 years old. Petro is another defensive player with a lot of agility and defensive skills. We replace Crawford's erratic shooter for a more high percentage 3point specialist in Wally. Wally and Kurt won't be here in the long term, but can teach and help develop the skills of the younger guys. Petro and Delonte will be here for the long term cause of their defensive ability. We also drop two cancerous losers in Crawford and Curry who only weaken our defense, assist/turnovers, and frequent isolation on offense.

Kings trade

Knicks trade


PG - Bibby/Robinson
SG - Martin/Salmons
SF - Richardson/Chandler
PF - SAR/Thomas
C - Miller/Spencer H.

Why for Knicks?
Get the best two way player in the league in Artest; so all the trade rumors of being traded can finally be put to rest. Garcia is an excellent defender who can play and guard 3 positions. Douby is a local guy who can shoot the ball and score off the bench like Eddie House. We give up Chandler and Robinson to equal the trade value and because of their potential.

NY Knicks
Artest/Balkman/Wally Z
Petro/Kurt Thomas

The main focus on offense will be Randolph, dropping Crawford and Curry will give Randolph more touches where he can average 25+ a game. Marbury, Curry and Artest can pass well also, so Randolph's effieciency should increase.

The main guys off the bench will be West(PG/SG, Lee(PF/C) Balkman (SF) and Garcia(G/F).

There will be an emphasis on defense, a real emphasis since we'll have the players who have the tools to defense. A great balance, Marbury, Artest and Randolph are 20+ ppg players, Collins averages 15/5/5 as a starter...Petro will be used like how Dallas uses Diop...18 minutes per game, just for defensives purposes. Meaning Randolph will get some minutes at the C position.

Our weakness will be a shot blocker, but that is negated with skilled post defenders like Petro and Kurt Thomas.

Financially we'll look good. Marbury, Artest, Wally, Thomas all would expire soon, and Randolph (our primary premiere guy) will be one of the few guys signed to a 3yr+ deal. A lot of flexibility if you ask me.

Not expecting a championship, but its a realistic way of changing things, and heading in a positive direction. Once we get under the cap we'll get key free agents that can compliment Randolph; similar to how Phoneix got Nash in the free agency to compliment Marion and Amare.

Peace, be creative and realistic.