The Knicks should have won tonight. There were alot of positives to take from this game. Zach for being away, had a moster game with 16pts and 19 rebs. Eddy played better at 16 and 12. The place we need to find more consistency from what I watched is our 1-3 positions. PG has to assist a minimum of 7-8 a game. When the Knicks had consistent ball movement, we went on a 20-4 run to get back in the game. When we over dribble, over think a simple game we got outscored 23-4. That 3 pts was the margin of error tonight. This team has Low post power. Right now it feels like the Knicks are scared to drive in any gear except 2nd. I personally feel like we're a 6spd. Lamborghini. It's time for us to rev up and rollout. The only difference between us and Boston is heart and comitment. Less selfishness and one on one play would vault us to the the top of the East.