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nah its really that stephon is not playing to his potential, he played great against the clippers, he was on attack the mode the whole game, b4 he will let scrubs get career nights off em and he wont do anything about it, a lot of times stephon would have the miss match and wont do anything about it and try to set up the offense

I partially agree with you, with the exception of the Clipper game he hasnt played his hardest but i dont think the letting scrubs have career nights part is all his fault. I pointed out to someone else that in the Cavs game Gibson was torching Nate R and Crawford while Marbury was on the bench. He did an average job against Jason williams, he couldve done better and Jameer Nelson is the one guy who really outplayed Marbury. Iverson got hot early and that was the end of that, it didnt matter what kind of defense anyone played.