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    Default I watched the Game on Clippers TV

    After watching the game on Clippers TV and hearing how they view the KNicks has opened my eyes. Many of these things we all know but good to hear from an independent voice.

    They view us as one of the most talented teams 1-12 in the league.

    Marbury is a unique talent physically but not a winner and needs to go.

    We should have one of the most dominating front courts in the league if Isiah could get them all on the same page.

    Curry only plays for 1/2- 1 1/2 quarters a night and cruise controls the rest of the time.

    I could go on but I drew up a few conclusions from last nights game:

    Marbury needs to go!

    Yes he is talented but his head isn't right to be a winner. Again he got burnt yesterday on one end of the court with time running out in the 4th. What does he do? Of course run up the floor and chuck up a three with 19 seconds left on the shot clock and us down by 2. He COULD have 12 assists that night and have a sequence like that and lose us the game. While last night wasn't entirely his fault, if we want to win games he needs to stop having stretches like that.

    Isiah needs to go!

    With all this talent we should win more games. Isiah obviously has to shoulder much of the blame when we can't be consistent with this squad.

    How can we make the same mistakes every night?

    How can he not get his team to defend pick N rolls and the 3 point shots off of rotation?

    Why can't he get Curry to be the consistent dominant center we all know he can be?

    Why are we one of the worst free throw shooting teams in the league?

    Do we have any other plays besides feeding the post and occasionally swinging the ball around the perimeter on doubles?

    If Curry isn't gonna step up and be consistent why isn't Zach our #1 option? He can score just as well as Curry while having a killer instinct.

    Bottom line:

    We need to get rid of Isiah and Marbury and this team will start to flourish.

    Ask yourself what Phil Jackson, Popovich or Riley would do with this talented team.

    Ask yourself how a PG like Billups, Williams, Paul or Nash would play on a team with this much offensive ability. I mean these guys would turn Lee, Randolph and Curry into allstars with the penetration and dish.

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    1.) Trade Marbury and either Lee or Balkman to Sacramento for Bibby and Artest.

    2.) Fire Isiah

    I know it's not the best answer, but things got to change. I know Crawford, Curry and Q. rich have not played well, but it's Marbury and Zeke that have turned this franchise into a disgrace. I am embarrassed to wear my Knicks hat in public now. I'm thinking of buying a Trailblazers hat. At least those fans can be proud of their team.

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