Since I've been coming up with a lot of trade scenarios for Marbury and have been hearing quite a few as well. I thought it was time to dedicate a post to it.. even if they probably will never occur and he will probably stay with the team.

1: Andre Miller, Kevin Ollie & a resigned Aaron McKie.
Stephon Marbury & Nate RobinsonBilly King needs some help.. this might be it. Marbury has drawing power and can step in still give them capspace but also contribute.

2: Mike Bibby, Ron Artest & Kenny Thomas
Stephon Marbury, Malik Rose, Renaldo Balkman and Nate Robinson
Bibby/Artest both expire in 09 like Marbury but so does Malik Rose giving them 7 million more off the books with also two young players they covet.

3. Raef LaFrentz, Darius Miles & Jarrett Jack
Stephon Marbury & Nate Robinson (or take off Jack completely)
This gives New York LaFrentz coming off the books still a young pass first guard in Jack and Miles who does good his first year with every team he plays for and a big upgrade at SF. This is a really likely scenario.. because of cap and GM's working ability. Id rather not take it though.

4. Ricky Davis, Jason Williams & Udonis Haslem.
Sending: Stephon Marbury & David Lee
I'd rather not do this as I dont really like any talent on that package especially with them all expiring next season. but Miami could use him and with strong personalities in the locker room hed never have a problem. A Curry/Randolph/Davis/Crawford/Williams lineup isnt that bad looking but im not too sure.

The Lakers in a weird way could get involved but highly unlikely, Dallas the same, Boston would take him but after hes waived, theres a few teams that would jump on this opportunity just cap regulations hurts those chances. remember these arent trades as a GM i would do.. but just the most likely scenarios. if i had my way..

Lakers would get Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, David Lee & a 1st rounder. Sacramento would get Vladimir Radmanovic and Renaldo Balkman and the Knicks would get Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest... but thats VERY UNLIKELY.