Right now knicks supporters are suggesting trades for marbury. His trade value is at its all time lowest at the moment, and we want to trade him for a pass first point guard.

True, this would be good but it is not going to happen.

The most consistent rumour I hear on this forum is the trade bibby and artest for marbury, balkman, and lee.

This is a huge step back for our team, and something that I could not bear to watch.

Bibby is worse than marbury and a shoot first point guard. Who throws up about 5 threes a game. Artest can play great defence but he too throws up way to many threes and is erratic of the court.

Fans, imagine Bibby, Artest, and Crawford. How could randolph or curry possibly get the ball?

Trades are not the answer, a change in the starting lineup are.

Point Guard

Stephon Marbury

He needs to be given more freedom in this new starting lineup. More driving, less threes. He needs to take on a tony parker sort of game. Where he drives and if the layup is there, can take it. If not dish it to zbo or out to richardson. Mabury should be averaging 18/7 in this new lineup.

Shooting Guard

Quentin Richardson

Quentin needs to lose weight. But I like his defense so far this season. He will not be a vocal point of offence this season, but someone who is always available to have threes. He needs to rebound, and hustle. I expect hm to average 12/5

Small Forward

Renaldo Balkman

He needs to stop fouling. But Renaldo is very important to this team. Balkman has no offensive game. He is there for defense in this team. He needs to stay around the three and take the opponents main three shooter. I expect him to average 8/4/3/1/1

Power Forward

David Lee

Lee is an amazing rebounder. But in some games I have also seen some great passing ability and offensive position. He needs to start in my opinion, and be a vocal point on the boards, and improve his defence so he averages at least a block. I am expected a 12/11/1 season which could be a reach but given stater status is possible.


Zach randolph

A new position for zach, and one which i think he will relish. Zach can shoot the 15 footer and rebound great. He can also grab the offensive boards. Zach is our star player. Our franchise player. He needs to be given the ball. He also needs to block. I am expecting 24/12.5/2/1.


Eddy Curry

Needs to lose weight, which is the reason he drops off during the last half. He ass is way too big for the nba. He still needs to hustle on the boards and at least block a shot. His scoring has been good. And can come of the bench, and give us his quick scoring spurts. This is a huge important part of the game. Curry is not to play to often in the second quarter. We are going to save him for the third quarter which is the time when we are losing our games Curry should average about 16/6.

Jamal Crawford

Similar role to curry. Crawford is our 6th man. We are going to use him like Terry from dallas. Crawford his to find a better shot, and not to control the ball much which will decrease his turnovers. Should average about 15-

Nate robinson

Defence Nate. Nate has showing three point ability. He should be a main point on the tree. But should be dishing the ball alot more than marbury.

This knick team has the talent to be a playoff team. The maturity I do not know. Changes in the lineup need to be made, but trades will set us back further.