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Because Lee is such a great defender? C'mon lee needs to continue where he is. come off the bench and provide a spark. Because as great as a rebounder he is, he is no defender, sorry to tell ya
Lee is a better defender then Curry but thats no sayin much. I agree with u lilman bklyn, Lee is a great rebounder but hes not a good defender.

Kenny made a Big L reference, i forget what he was talkin about but he said to Gus that someone was so ahead of their time that their parents hadnt met yet. I liked hearin that, big L was one of the best ever, he'd be on top of the rap game if he was still here today R.I.P. Big L, Bloodshed
Children of the Corn wouldve been one of the best rap groups ever

Gus Kenny and Clyde are all cool, especially Clyde. **** Breen