Dolan needs to just come out and say if Isiah has is going to be the coach, or he needs to just fire him. Our team is a damn circus act! I like Isiah, but it is time for him to go, not because I don't think he can coach this team, or not because I don't think he's put together a good team, all of that is irrelvant, our team has become not just an embarassment to NYC, but to the whole league. This needs to come to an end ASAP. Really I'm at a point where I don't care if we win or lose games. I hate to admit this but I kinda wanted us to lose last night in hopes that would be the straw that broke the camels back! I mean a win may just drag this thing out even longer. I don't care about the playoffs, I don't care about trades, I just care about not being the laughing stock of SPORTS! Scott Layden teams were bad, and I loved proclaiming my support of those teams, even through we appeared to be a dead end team. This team can be something special to watch when they are playing well together, but the turmoil is too much. This team isn't a underdog team, it's a defunctional mess. It's time to start over new, as much as been made of Zeke not getting another job, I think he will, certainley not a GM, but I can see as a scout, or even a coach ( I bet if he's fired and Phil Jackson bolts the Lakers would consider it), but his days in NY have to end, just because Knick fans deserve a fresh start. Sorry Zeke nothing personal but I'm a Knick fan before a fan of any player, GM, or coach