Can anybody remember the last time the Knicks were a contender EVERY YEAR?? It was when Van Gundy was the head coach of this team and he continued were Riley left off and keep the Knicks a beast in the east.You know why?? B/c he was a winner, PREACHED DEFENSE and made the Knicks teams a team that everybody in the NBA hated to play b/c they all knew it was'nt going to be a easy game againist the Knicks.

Van Gundy cared for this organzation,fans,and exspecially his players.Anybody that would run out on the floor when they were a fight and grab a hold of the other player's leg just to stop a fight and pertect his players is a coach that I want coaching this team again.He loved his players and brung the whole Knicks team as one big family.All of this that I just posted is exactly what the organzation,fans,players is missing and I really would like to see Van Gundy on the side line coaching the Knicks again.Those was the good old days and I would like to see the good old days come back.