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    Default Exactly How F'ing Stupid Is Dolan Anyway? (Take Your Pick)

    Just when you thought Jimmy Dolan could not look any more like the most inept executive owner of an NBA team in the history of earth or whatever the hell he is ... after giving Larry Brown a ridiculously astronomical contract only to renege on it and immediately fire him, IN EXCHANGE FOR Isiah Thomas no less, who's mother by the way didn't even know how to spell his damn name correctly when she named him that alone should have been yet another red flag that we were getting a real loser here ... i.e. can anyone say Toronto Raptors Bankruptcy?? now little Jimmy will be forced to face, YET AGAIN, his complete and utter stupidity by having to fire his President, Former GM and Coach, all in one swoop! Talk about efficiency!

    How unbelievably inept is Charles Dolan for allowing his RETARDED jackass of a son to be involved in anything other than playing the guitar for a lousy bar band?!!, which sucks balls by the way. But then again, you pay to watch the games on Cablevision and you pay to see the games in person, IT'S YOUR MONEY!! What does he care??!! LOL. He's just getting very very rich from it.

    Has Charles thanked you, the fans, lately!? That's what I thought. They should be paying us.
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    how stupid is jim???... smart enough tobe born a dolan...

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