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    Default the Randolph and Curry duo is looking great: right Isiahsexuals?

    Heres what the Isiahsexuals said in the summer

    Originally Posted by highesthigh
    i totally agree with donchris on this one... curry and zbo are complimentary pieces and anybody who don't think so is about to get owned... lee will be in the mix but not as a starter, you can't start him over zbo until he can out-j zbo... oh, and get off the mo taylor wagon, the wheels fell off it a long time ago...

    Originally Posted by Bombay
    My man your not focused. [B]Zach is a proven player with the potential to lead a franchise. This is the NBA and he should be able to hit a consistant 17 footer. Honestly he's one of the reasons why teams were able to double ECity last season. If you got a 1/2 a$$ J teams will have to keep it honest. Zeke will make it work. These players got adequate respect for him

    Originally Posted by Allen
    No running the knicks is not the easiest job. I blame IT for bringin Francis in because he should have said no to LB. Regardless its done and we now have Randolph for his trouble. Randolph has an ego and Curry is lazy, I just don't have the confidence in IT to make this work. They can talk all they want during the offseason about improving themselves etc. but I won't believe it until I see some tanegable results.

    I keep hearing about we got more talent, more talent and more talent. To quote one of Kevin Durant's favorite sayings "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard"

    Originally Posted by lilman_bklyn
    Why is this even a debate.. Is Zack Randolph the answer to the knicks problems... NO he is not. Actually HELL NO!!! People please stop looking at the fact that he scored 20 and grabbed 10 rebounds per. Knicks were the 5th ranked rebounding team in the league last year and though we only averaged 97 points a game, that was still more than Cavs and a couple of other playoff teams, and just a point less than other playoff teams (Bulls, Spurs, Nets) so basically the two areas that Randolph is good at, the knicks didn't need that great of help in. The knicks were crap in defense, especially perimeter defensive. They were crap in blocking shots or even intimidating people from coming in the lane, they needed a consistant perimeter shooter to keep defenses from collapsing down on Curry, and of course turnovers. Zack Randolph does not assist the Knicks in any of these categories. He is a good player, please don't mis understand me.. but he is not the player the knicks need. In actuality, at this point in his career I would even say he is a better player than Curry, though I do believe Curry's game will improve and Zack's game will remain the same so Curry will surpass Zack, but the two are basically the same player. Two bulking big men who dominate inside.Yes I did see how Zack takes jump shots here and there but if we have Zack taking jump shots while he and Curry are on the floor, then those offensive rebounds that he is known for will suddenly go by the waisteline...
    Us Knicks fans use to appreciate defense. We use to know how important a defensive team is in order to be successful in the league. We use to watch the knicks go into the 4th quater of playoffs games trailing, and have the game endwith the knicks on top because our defense held the team to 10 points in the fourth quarter. That is our lineage, that is what the knicks of today should be striving to achieve. I'm good with the amount of points we score, shoot Memphis averaged 101 points last year and look where that got them. Alot of people are arguing the fact that Zack is a good player, and better player than what we gave up and what not, all of those points are true for the most part. But the Question that was asked was "Is Zack Randolph the answer?" the answer to that question should be clearly no he is not.
    Yes it was a coup for the knicks to get him for Francis and Frye, but now that we have him, lets ship him out for someone that will benefit the Knicks better. *&#% the Zack Randolph Trade
    Originally Posted by Kiyaman
    I have to agree Bigtime. You have alot of Knick-Fans all over acting as if the Zack Randolph trade was the Knicks getting 6 season All Star Jermaine O'Neal whom Defensive performance is better than his 20-10 stats. Plus you could pass the ball to a moving J.O'Neal, however Zack & Curry are the same because they have to postup downlow and get good position before you throw them the ball or it will lead to a turnover (they both are not good passing Bigmen which I know will be Assistant Coach Mark Aquire biggest task this season with Zack & Curry).

    Originally Posted by Knicks4lyfe
    When they heard that news draft day. Zeke, for lal the bashing he takes, seems to get players like Curry and Crawford to buy into his way of things. When so called great coaches like Larry Clown, sets an nba record for starting lineups ( You live here? Oh man, it's your turn to start! And the likes could not get anything out of them.

    So if anyone can make Zach and Curry work it's Zeke. Plus, if you look at his offense, he always had it centered around two post players anyways, Hence Lee almost leading the league in fg percentage. If they doubled Eddie, they went back to him, if he kicked it again, it usually swung around to Lee or Frye. Problem was, Frye has no post game yet, and Lee needs to build his strength to be even more effective.

    Zach has the mid range touch, and can put the ball on the floor more effectively than any pf now in the east. This means he has everything the other big in Zekes offense needs. Also, it means these teams can't cheat as much. Now it's no more throw 6 fouls on Eddie and have the other big man gaurd someone non descript. uhn- uhn. Now the Bosh's, the Oneal's , and whoever els eplays pf and center in the east will have to deal with Both Curry and Zach on their own. Everynight. No more Howard on Frye... or Lee. Now you have to defend the frontline without rest. Problems.

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    He plays hard, can score inside and out and rebounds well, but he doesn't seem to be the appropriate compliment to a guy like Curry. He's doing well in terms of rebounding because as long as Curry refuses to move and put out any effort, we need a PF that can rebound. But we had that with Lee. Right now he is taking some touches away from Curry, clogging up the middle at times, and not filling the large defensive gap that Curry leaves with his own defense (even though he's holding his own defensively most nights)

    The major problem I see so far is that when he gets the ball fairly deep, he tries to fight through double and triple teams instead of looking for Curry. I don't think that should be the most difficult adjustment in the world to make, but he hasn't done it yet. In his defense, Curry is such a lazy guy he's often just standing around and not moving without the ball trying to get open and in a postion to receive a pass that leads to an easy basket. It's not like we can expect Randolph to have the passing skills of a PG.

    I think Lewis would have been a better fit for the Knicks because he's much more of an outside threat and that would have made Curry more of an inside threat instead of less of a threat.

    If we wind up blowing up this team when/if Isiah gets fired, one of them is probably going to be traded eventually.

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    I think its time to blow up the team, they need to destroy and rebuild. Curry and Crawford need to go first, then Randolph.

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