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    Nyk Logo haha

    But metro was so great! I don't understand you, he was the king. THe best poster ever!!!!
    Just kidding, messing with you don chris. He was okay, kinda funny. ridiculous at times. knicksfanchris is like the same, except you can't understand half the stuff he writes. The guy spelled "he"wrong "at least hi scores 20 points" I and E aren't even close to each other on the keyboard. and "God" as "Got Damn". "root" "like "Route", all in one post. There is something wrong with that one. You need a friggin decoder ring just to talk to the guy.
    Originally Posted by knicksfancris
    got damn zero stay of carwford dick we already know every convertation you have is about him talk about something else iam tired of reading da same **** and you aint no knicks fan cause you can not hate a player so much u soppsed to like the whole team even dough a player is not good that why u a fan because you route for the team even if it sucks and crawford **** up a lot but a least hi socres 20 points almost every game so sut da **** up
    P.S> his only valid point is that I talk to much about crawford. But I try and balance out all the guys who praise him for being so good. I'll stop pointing out his flaws when people stop acting like he's and all-star.
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    Let's...Go...Lottery! Let's...Go...Lottery!!! Say it with me Knicks fans!

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