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    Default Guys, as fans I seriously think we...

    Guys I seriously think Knicks fans need to act. We can't abandon our team; it's not in our blood, it's not what makes NY Sports fans what we are. We are loyal, but our loyalty has to have an angry side.

    It's hard to do but I can try to get tickets to a game we should all try to get tickets to a game and be as vocal as possible, enough so if we get kicked out of the game we'll make news. We cant get stupid but we just have to be real... If they show up not to play we have to let them have it.

    Forget about the fact that we pay up to $270 per ticket (some even more) but what about the fact that these guys get paid MILLIONS of dollars and a player like Steph gets $180,000 per game and he can't bring it. I get paid a quarter of what he gets in a game in one year!

    Maybe I'm just angry, and my lid has blown, but I wish we could organize...

    I mean as an owner isn't Dolan embarassed? Are any of his friends Knicks fans? MAybe he has no friends, only Isaiah. I mean if I show up to work and I work the way these guys played I'd be fired instantly.

    Fire Thomas, bring in Jeff Van Gundy or someone else.

    If I were GM, I'd want $75,000 per year and I'd visit these boards all day for some advice... though you'll never know its me

    By the way, this is what we have become...

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    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] tried that

    It got some ink in the papers and some minor media coverage on tv, but it didnt do anything.

    Best thing to do is to buy a full page print ad in NY POST. The ad should simply be an opn letter from the fans to James Dolan.

    I'm in the the ad business. It probably would cost about 18K, but that depends on placement and issue date. Sunday being the best spot

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